Healthcare Analytics

GeakMinds’ operations teams, analytics experts, and care management technologies place us in a unique position to offer integrated and modular solutions to the healthcare industry.

These capabilities helps us to be one of the leading healthcare data analytics companies across the globe.

We provide innovative insights and strategies to manage the clinical, financial, quality and performance issues in today’s healthcare reform environment.

Through integrated program design based on extensive and credible healthcare experience, GeakMinds provides its clients with the opportunities to optimize outcomes, reduce costs and enhance revenue.


We provide intelligent correlations in the light of market knowledge while using fact-based forecasting techniques based on the market potential, physician attitude, and drivers of growth. Disregarding the traditional historical data-and-estimates approach, we work to understand the current market dynamics surrounding the product to generate an accurate forecast.

Revenue Optimization

Today’s reformed healthcare environment of increased regulations and quality-based payments, combined with declining CMS payments / reimbursements, has made revenue optimization a critical success factor for health plans.

Traditional compensation methodologies can no longer be assumed, but rather require a strategic focus to increase Star Ratings to ensure a bonus payment and maximize reimbursement for HCC risk adjustment factors. The goal is not to maximize revenue, but rather to optimize it by taking into consideration both the benefit and cost of achieving these desired outcomes.

Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Customers have more options, and the freedom to move from plan to plan, than ever before. Health plans must do what it takes to increase enrollment and retain current members through proactive member satisfaction strategies. These strategies require a deeper understanding of your customer, not just your patient.

Telecom and other industries have successfully used data to better understand their customer, resulting in improvements in the level of customer satisfaction, stronger brand loyalty, and increases in the lifetime value of the customer. GeakMinds’ solutions, including data transformation, analytics and clinical services, are pivotal to improving the customer experience.For providing 100 percent customer satisfaction in USA, they call GeakMinds’ as the Best Healthcare Analytics Company across the globe.

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