It helps to understand Big Data by focusing on its’ three main components: velocity, variety and volume.

These correlate to how fast, how much, and how many different types of data are stored and collected within an enterprise.

Unstructured and semi-structured information are the hardest to extract insights from due to the difficulty involved with manually organizing hundreds of thousands of columns and rows.

GeakMinds employs technologies such as Apache’s Hadoop, along with our Big Data expertise, to overcome such challenges.

Leveraged with our other key partnerships, we help enterprises transform the way they do business. This allows our customers to increase their operating efficiencies and returns on investment as well as their overall revenue.

As an early adopter of leading Big Data technologies, our consultants can help you integrate from start to finish, regardless of the current state of your Big Data initiative.

We at GeakMinds are highly experienced at combining data science with large-scale, open source information platforms to ensure clients can unlock data’s hidden potential to produce innovative, profitable business decisions.

We employ tools such as Cassandra, MapReduce, Spark, Databricks and Drill to provide robust, scalable databases and dynamic parallel processing.

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