Convergence of Pharmaceutical with Analytics: Future of Healthcare

Everyone needs a doctor’s assistance at one point in time or another, and we all would expect our doctors to treat us with at most care. We believe that doctors are all experts and that there goes a thorough analysis behind all their medical decisions. But that can’t always hold true.

One of the main limitations today in the pharmaceutical industry is the comprehensive understanding of how human body works at the molecular level. Analytics comes into play around aggregating more and more information at the molecular level around multiple scales for what constitutes a disease—from the DNA, proteins, cells, tissues and organs.

The scope of analytics in pharmaceutical is one where we can construct better health profiles and predictive molecular composition models around individual patients so that we can better analyze them and treat disease.


It is estimated that applying analytical consultation to better inform decision making in pharmaceutical could bring about $100 billion in value annually across the US health-care system, by boosting the efficiency of research and clinical trials, and structuring new tools for pharma physicians to meet the promise of more individualized approaches.

GeakMinds teams up with the marketing domain of leading pharmaceutical companies for planning and implementation of analytic strategies through generation of KPI reports and dashboards, inquisitive analytics, predictive modeling, validation and automation of reports, sales performance records etc.

Maketing Customer Lifetime Value Analysis Electronic Health Records (EHR) Analysis For Insights into Early-stage Drug Development
Return On Investment(ROI) Measurement Revenue Forecasting based on Health Outcomes Marketing Strategy Planning
Customer Journey Analysis Prediction of Adverse Event Occurrence Guidance to Medical Practitioners on the Best Procedure/ Approach
Customer Satisfaction Analysis

A Sensible Way Forward

We have emphasized on the challenges facing the medical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the huge prospects that inevitably are born of necessity. There is opportunity for everyone involved in the process – pharma companies, IT solution providers, healthcare providers and patients. GeakMinds supports healthcare and pharmaceutical industry in moving toward a more integrated approach to patient care. We have considerable experience in developing clinical and IT solutions for pharma and healthcare and are ready to roll in being part of the healthcare ecosystem, from governments to enterprises.

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