Process Analytics

GeakMinds is a leading process analytics company in USA. We offer services in analysis of process data and spot key process obstruction that delays overall efficiency and effectiveness of the business unit. Our specialized service provides piloting of customer new project try outs with negligible to no risk for the customer. Process analytics aids process participants,key decision makers and stakeholders with a fairer vision about the efficiency and effectiveness of organizational processes. This insight reduces the reaction time to changes in the events enabling quick decision ­making.

The analytic figures that can be used to understand process performance, absolute measurements, such as cycle times and wait times to variance measurements, such as service ­level variability and qualitative measures, such as customer comments on a particular process. Another important factor, the most basic process metrics are obtained by analyzing the time ­stamps of general in several process­ related occurrences that belong to the same process or activity instance.

We help achieve your organizational goals to deliver the right products in the right amount in the most enhanced way for the right customers on time.

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