Everybody has been telling you that data is the future. These days your systems allow you to capture more data than ever before, in your warehouse, in your supply chain, about your customers. The opportunity to make better decisions is on the rise as the amount of data being stored surges. Between 2009 and 2020, the “digital universe” is expected to grow by a factor of 44 – increasing from c. 0.8 Zettabyte (ZB) to greater than 35 ZB.

But all that data is not making things better. The problem is not just gathering the data. It is all about action. Your ability to analyze and act on that data has not kept up. Hidden in that flood of data are thousands of key moments scattered all throughout your system. Each one of them is a chance to be more money-spinning, faster or derive a better understanding. Analytics + Action makes that happen in the form of Actalytics.


Analytics is not just confined to one thingy. Analytics is everywhere and in whatever you think. Analytics will reap you the best of the benefits by unlocking your company’s potential to be able to see and act on your data in real time. That is the vision of Actalytics. Do not settle for just having data, it is time to act on analytics!

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